Since its establishment in 1983, Juhayna Food Industries has experienced remarkable growth and has become a leading Egypt-based manufacturer specialized in the production, processing, and packaging of milk, yoghurt, juice, and juice concentrates for the past three decades

Our ever-expanding pool of loyal customers has come to view our wide variety of quality products as essential and trusted household names. Accordingly, when selecting our team, we look for people who are passionate about positively impacting the day-to-day lives of others.

At Juhayna, we keep innovation at the heart of our operations. Flexibility and the willingness to take risks have been part and parcel of the success that we have achieved both locally and with regional exports. Pursuing a career with Juhayna, will not only afford you the opportunity to effectively contribute to the success story of an industry leader, it will also expose you to the latest in state-of-the-art food manufacturing technologies that have enabled us to achieve the highest production standards in the market. Moreover, we view our people as the company’s key asset and are thus committed to their wellbeing through continuously looking for ways to develop their professional careers and skill sets.

Juhayna’s unique work environment promotes autonomy alongside innovation and creativity. In order to maintain this culture of innovation, we look for candidates who are up to the challenge of taking on individual responsibilities while upholding our core values.