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Managing, monitoring and reporting our consumption, emissions and waste is key to maintaining a sustainable environment because how we operate now will impact our future generation. Below are some of our projects that come under ‘Planet’.

waste managment

Water Waste Treatment

As one of the largest juices and beverage manufacturers in Egypt, Juhayna continues to invest in its factories to comply with local regulations and efficiently manage its water dependency.

In cooperation with TIA Germany, Juhayna purchased construction and operation equipment worth EGP 40 million in 2017 to effectively treat factory wastewater and convert it to clean water. The equipment pumps more than 1 million liters of clean water per day, which in turn allows for the conservation of environmental resources.

Waste collection and Disposal

At Juhayna we meet the national laws and regulations for the disposal of waste, gas and solid waste, with no accidents nor fines imposed.

By applying a Waste Optimization Cycle, our waste management system ensures that waste materials are identified, collected, removed and disposed of in a manner which prevents contamination of environment and complies with legislations.

Waste Collection & Removal
Our operations team uses closed, clean rubbish bins with foot paddles to collect the waste from different locations to segregated waste areas.

Waste Disposal
JUHAYNA Group has contracts with licensed waste disposal companies by the “Environmental Agency”. This secures the proper disposal and tracking of waste.

Energy Management


Juhayna joined the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s (UNIDO) MED TEST II initiative in 2017

This aims to encourage sustainable consumption and production patterns in the Mediterranean region. Juhayna stands to benefit by learning about best practices in resource efficiency and integrated environmental management systems, to increase its productivity, grow its profit margin, and reduce its environmental impact.

Al-Marwa Plant was able to support in optimizing the water efficiency leading to the reduction of water use by 52%.  In addition, energy consumption would also be decreased by around 5% of the baseline consumption. Besides the economic and environmental benefits, the company identified a potential upgrade project for the evaporator, which would result in a further 16% savings in energy, and 2% savings in water consumption.”

Al-Dawleya plant, was able to optimize the water use within the production facility which would reduce water consumption by 25.3%, and consequently, the corresponding wastewater will be eliminated. The total anticipated reduction in water consumption is around 92,928 m3/year.


Since 2016, Juhayna became the first Egyptian private company to partner with an Egyptian solar energy startup, KarmSolar, inaugurating the 1 MW solar station in Al-Enmaa farm in Al-Wahat-Al-Bahareyah.

The station reduces the emission of about 1.62 tons of CO2 per year and decreases our dependency on diesel by about 600,000 liters annually, simultaneously lowering our operational costs as well as reducing our carbon footprint. This was the 1st PPA in Egypt, Juhayna started with Karm Solar when they were still starting, hedging against risk of increase of electricity cost or scarcity.

PPA agreemt: power purchase agreement

Sustainable packaging

Tetra Pak

Packaging can significantly reduce food waste by keeping dairy products fresh and safe for longer durations

( during handling at production, in transportation and in the consumer’s home). This can only be achieved with the right packaging that safeguards the products from external influences, while remaining as light and practicable as possible. We also sought the newest technologies to reduce our environmental and emission footprint.
The Strategic partnering with the leading packaging company Tetra Pak’s ensure that our commitment are met beyond the business need, and into a joint cooperation towards Sustainability efforts.

Today, Juhayna is using packaging material sourced from Tetra Pak that are 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) labelled, which in its turn guarantees that from raw material sourcing, to final product, the entire value chain is certified to be compliant with responsible forestry practices and forest management. Having those packages 100% FSC labeled, demonstrates the Juhayna brand responsibility to its consumers, of preferring sound environmental practices.