At Juhayna R&D activities are at the forefront of our operation. From cost-optimization to quality control and the development of human capital, we believe that innovation nurtures our company and helps us maintain our leadership position in the industry and the region.

We aim to develop innovative solutions that not only benefit the company’s strategic vision, but that also help develop the individual skill sets of our employees, and better the overall standards of production in the industry. Such initiatives have been carried out rigorously and across all levels of production. In just over two years, our R&D department has become a frontrunner in the region.

A key aspect of our success is the team that has proven to be the driving force behind our success. We believe that any company is only as good as those who keep the cogs of its operations in motion. Accordingly, we have invested generously in our people and their individual growth and development. We do this by offering a variety of training courses, both at home and abroad, and by encouraging our employees to engage with their superiors to seek the help and guidance that they need.

Going forward we continue to invest in our R&D department to ensure that we maintain a global perspective that incorporates the highest standards from around the world into our own benchmarks for quality and performance.

Nutritional Standards

All of Juhayna’s products are tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of their target markets. Such customization is achieved through our joint efforts with healthcare practitioners and nutritional experts who provide us with the insight that we need to create the healthiest and freshest products in the market. We take our commitment to improve the lives of our consumers by creating healthy foods and beverages very seriously. Accordingly, the nutritional value for all of our products is one of the key aspects that we consider, alongside taste and quality, when developing a new product or line. To this effect, we have a highly skilled R&D team that is constantly working to find new ways in which we can fully deliver on our goal of raising the quality of life for our consumers by maximizing the nutritional efficiency of our products


All of Juhayna’s products are made from the highest of quality ingredients that undergo a thorough sanitation process in order to ensure the delivery of safe and tasty products. One of the factors that has enabled us to see continued growth and success over the years is our commitment to innovation and our unceasing desire to continuously enhance the quality and flavor of our products. This has also been achieved through our dedicated research and development team.


Regulatory Affairs

The scale and scope of our operations have given us a wealth of knowledge that is well respected across the industry. Accordingly, our R&D department functions as a key lobbyist and policy influence for the industry. We are firmly committed to remaining informed and updated on local and international industry standards and regulations so that we are able to establish a trusted foundation upon which to base our strategic decisions as a company.

Innovation Center

At the heart of our R&D initiatives is the establishment of our world-class innovation center; a two-story, state-of-the-art facility that is the first and largest of its kind in the MENA region. The innovation center has enabled us to localize our research methods by conducting in-house industrial and lab trials, and focus groups that can be corroborated with research we collect from abroad.The innovation center serves as a secure data storage warehouse equipped with a consumer insight room, and a “Juhayna Technical Academy” training school. Its creation is a major milestone in our strategic vision to establish a trusted R&D facility that helps us formulate, improve, and refine our manufacturing processes. Our innovation center has undoubtedly raised industry standards and ushered in a new era of R&D activities that will raise the benchmark and have a positive impact on food manufacturing in the region.


Much of the success that we have seen in our R&D initiatives has been incumbent on our access to state-of-the-art technologies that have enabled us to become pioneers in the industry across the region. Our R&D endeavors cover a variety of fields, from manufacturing to processing to packaging .Keeping up to date with the latest advancements in food health and safety standards is one of our core strategic goals in order to maintain our frontrunner position in all of our product’s markets and to further enhance our world-class standards in safety and nutrition. Crucial to this is the technology that we have at our disposal; an asset of Juhayna that we only hope to expand and further explore through the recent inauguration of our innovation center.