introduction to Juhayna

Juhayna Food Industries is a leading Egypt-based manufacturer specialized in the production, processing, and packaging of milk, yoghurt, juice and juice concentrate. Juhayna utilizes the most up to date global technology to produce the highest quality dairy and juice products and has continued ever since to reinvent itself in response to both global trends and local market needs.

Today, Juhayna has the well-earned reputation as a trendsetter in both manufacturing know-how and product innovation. Recent market studies indicate that Juhayna enjoys a level of brand awareness that is significantly more pronounced than its leading competitors on the Egyptian market. By building a state-of-art industrial infrastructure, Juhayna has steadily increased production capacity while developing and expanding its product range. Today the company has more than 250 different products on the supermarket shelves produced at seven separate manufacturing facilities.

With an eye for strategic investing, Juhayna has carried out a number of incremental expansions in line with its primary objective to offer the market a diversified bouquet of products. It is Through its well-established and considerably the largest distribution network among its peers, Juhayna is able to reach a wider consumer base while adhering to their different habits and tastes. Juhayna has 31 Distribution centers, a fleet size of over 1200 vans and truck reaching over 60,000 retail outlets allowing Juhayna to remain at the summit of its industry.

Juhayna has taken major steps to expand its upstream business in an attempt to secure supply of raw materials to ensure efficiency, deliver high-quality products and avoid the ill-effects of production disruptions and fluctuations in commodity prices. In 2008, the Juhayna began production of its concentrates segment, used as raw materials for juice products through the establishment of Modern Concentrate Co. (Modern Concentrate) and the acquisition of El Marwa Food Industries Co. (El Marwa).

In 2009, Juhayna established Al Enmaa for Agricultural Development & Livestock (Al Enmaa) to carry out the agricultural and farming activities. In 2014, Juhayna inaugurates Egg food factory for dairy products in Assiut.