Juhayna Group Guidelines for Covid-19

Our priority is the health and well-being of our employees while maintaining our seamless operations to continue serving our customers and consumers.

We have a business continuity plan (BCP) that is closely overseen by a Steering Committee, of our leaders from relevant functions, to ensure that all adequate measures are being taken in alignment with The World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local government and health authorities. The committee is following up on the situation relentlessly, to promptly react to the rapidly evolving situation.

This document will highlight the guidelines that Juhayna will be strictly following during this critical time to guide the behaviours of our employees inside and outside our premises.

Juhayna Group Guidelines for Covid-19

Work Environment

  • Sanitization of all premises(Headquarters- Distribution Centers- Factories- Farms)
  • Assurance of proper ventilation during sanitization and deep cleaning
  • Assurance of more frequent cleaning of all premises during the day (3 times a day and bathrooms every hour)
  • Surfaces (e.g. desks and tables) and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards, doorknobs) will be wiped with disinfectant regularly
  • Installation and distribution of hand sanitizers at all premises’ entrances and across all different locations (warehouses, distribution centers, offices, etc.)
  • Sanitization of all transportation buses (upon arrival and before departure)
  • Placing alcohol dispensers in all our fleet vehicles (Trucks and trailers) to secure the complete sanitization of vehicles and employees
  • The immediate closure of cafeterias on all sites
  • The immediate closure of mosques / praying areas to avoid gatherings

 Regular thermal Testing

  • For all employees upon arrival to our premises.
  • Any employee suspected to have flu-type symptoms even if mild is automatically granted a 2 week leave and will undergo tests prior to return.

Awareness Sessions

  • Ongoing awareness messages to educate our employees on the symptoms and methods of prevention; through internal announcements, educational videos, and quizzes
  • A clear List of DOs and DONTs will be regularly sent
  • Employees will be encouraged to educate their families, kids, and circle of acquaintances to positively impact their surrounding and lessen the probability of infection. Specific material will be sent for each audience.
  • Awareness tips, on how to boost immunity through proper nutrition supplements, and vitamins, will be sent regularly.

Internal Communication Signages

Messages will be placed around the office space as constant reminder of how to act at work and they will encourage:

  • More frequent handwashing followed by alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Avoidance of handshake and physical greeting/ contact
  • Keeping your distance from people (at least of 1 meter


  • Physical face-to-face meetings will be replaced by videoconferencing
  • In rare cases when face-to-face meetings are mandatory for business continuity – number will be limited to a minimal count (less than 10).
  • All precautionary measures will be taken in addition to the social distancing / personal space policy
  • We will adopt a “No-visitor” policy
  • In exceptional cases, where external visitors will have to be allowed in our premises, visitors will have to strictly comply with the precautionary measures applied to all employees


  • Any events or conferences (either internal or external) during March and April are being cancelled and/or postponed, until further review and notice
Juhayna Group Guidelines for Covid-19


  • Immediate cancellation of all travel until further notice
  • If an employee had returned from a trip within the past 2-3 weeks they are kindly requested to stay home and work remotely for 2 weeks. Temperature monitoring is advised (twice daily)


  • Employees are always highly advised to avoid public transportation (trains- metro…etc.)
  • In cases where it is the only option, they are strictly advised to follow the safety tips

Work from Home

We mandate immediate work from home for employees:

  •  With autoimmune diseases or who are diagnosed with weak immune system or any respiratory illness.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Mothers with kids that have medical needs and/or kids under 12 years old.
  • Employees who live with elderly parents.

Other employees whose physical presence is not mandatory for the business continuity – in alignment with direct managers – will also be requested to stay home.

Our work from home policy is built around mobile workforce enablement and teleworking. To assist employees working remotely in a smooth manner, our IT department has developed a comprehensive work-from-home toolkit containing connectivity instructions and support information. This will be sent internally to all employees.

It is also worth mentioning that, staying at home entails creating your own quarantine that shields you and your families from any outer contamination.

Juhayna Group Guidelines for Covid-19

On site employees:

We work in a critical sector where we have a responsibility keep on serving our consumers. We must ensure that our strategic products are produced in sufficient quantities and are made available for everyone.  Hence, some employees particularly in our manufacturing and sales departments will be working from their respective sites. In addition to the previously mentioned precautionary procedures additional measures will be taken:

  • Safety kits will be distributed to each employee with the needed elements to ensure maximum protection (masks – gloves- disinfectants and Vitamins if necessary)

 Suppliers / contractors:

All should strictly comply with our safety guidelines and are subject to our audit.

We understand that whether you are working remotely or in office, this could be a very stressful time. We will be supporting you with ongoing tips of mental health considerations, to promote your overall well-being and assist you to do the best within your capacity both on professional and personal levels.

 Rest assured that the steering committee is having several checkpoints along the day to monitor execution, address any concerns, and mitigate risks to the business.  

When it comes to the circulation of information, which we continuously receive in the moment, we should be certain that it is coming from a credible source to avoid spreading rumours that might threaten everyone around us. Kindly be a responsible citizen.  

We are monitoring the situation closely and updating our operating procedures daily.

Let us stay together during this difficult time and keep the communication open.

Any issue can be raised to: