Within the framework of the competition
The Ministry of Information honors Juhayna for its pioneering role in achieving sustainable development


Passant Fouad: “I feel proud to have received that award that came to confirm our leadership in development projects that aim to create shared value in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision for sustainable development.”


Cairo …….. November 2020- Juhayna Food Industries won the “Tanmia” initiative launched by the Ministry of State for Information, in cooperation with three ministries, namely the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of sustainable development. That honor confirms Juhayna’s pioneering role in development projects.


On this occasion, Passant Fouad, Head of External Relations at Juhayna, said: “I feel proud to have received this award, as a confirmation of our leadership in the development projects stemming from our strategy that aims to improve the societies in which we work and support the most needy groups.”


Fouad added that such initiatives represent an important incentive for the private sector to present solutions to the most important issues and topics to continue achieving sustainable development, which contributes to the integration of the efforts of the Golden Triangle represented by the government, civil society and the responsible private sector, in order to provide all possible means of support to support the state in its development projects to achieve Sustainable growth.


It is noteworthy that Juhayna Food Industries participated in the tenth edition of the “Annual Forum for Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility in Egypt”, which is titled “Responsible Investment, Gateway to Recovery and Transit Crises”, where Basant Fouad reviewed the most prominent challenges that the company faced during the Corona pandemic, and how to deal with her.


Juhayna’s development role also extends in times of crisis, as the company is keen to implement the idea of ​​responsible investment by basically maintaining the health and safety of employees, and to ensure business continuity, in addition to implementing its role towards social responsibility, through targeted initiatives that focused on supporting the community during the pandemic.


The company’s initiatives included the “Kemama” campaign that works to fill the societal need due to the shortage of masks and offering them at competitive prices in the market in the Qena governorate, in addition to the company’s support for about 6000 families, which comes within the initiative to support the daily employment of the Egyptian Food Bank and the Resala Association. In addition to its participation in the campaign of the Alliance of the Private Sector and Businessmen implemented by the American Chamber in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF to support the medical system in Egypt, in order to provide doctors with the necessary medical equipment.