The Egyptian Milk Producers Association honors Juhayna for its cooperation with local dairy producers and its contributions to uplift the safe dairy industry in Egypt

The Egyptian Milk Producers Association (EMPA), honored Juhayna’s leaders for their continuous support to the local dairy farms and for the company’s contributions in uplifting and developing the safe dairy industry in Egypt for over 30 years, particularly in periods of crisis. Eng. Mohammad Taroty – President of the EMPA – honored Eng. Safwan Thabit – chairman of Juhayna for Food Industries, Mr. Saif Thabit, Company’s CEO, and Mr. Sameh Hudaybi – Chief Financial Officer in the company.

Mohamed Tarouti – President of The Egyptian Milk Producers Association in Egypt EMPA – stated, “Juhayna succeeded over the years in changing the map of the dairy sector ever since its establishment 30 years ago by offering distinctive products that contributed to increasing the consumer’s awareness about the deadly diseases caused by loose milk. Additionally, the company focused on local farmers and supporting them financially and technically to help boost dairy productivity and achieve significant progress in regards to bridging the food gap and provision of raw milk. Juhayna also succeeded in establishing the appropriate pricing strategy to regulate the relationship between farmers and the company to maintain stability, allow further expansions, and enhance the injection of investments to increase livestock.

Safwan Thabit chairman of Juhayna for Food Industries commented: “The relationship between Juhayna and The Egyptian Milk Producers Association is a historic relationship that we have worked through on improving the overall situation of farmers, which was of common benefit to all parties. Perhaps, our latest achievement in this regard was providing farms with advanced cooling systems to increase milk production during the summer, a season that witnessed a decrease in milk productivity and presents a big challenge facing the industry. We hope to always remain a key supporter of this important sector and to achieve more successes that would be of added value to the sector as a whole. “

It is worth mentioning that the cooperation between Juhayna and the Egyptian Milk Producers Association is a strong cooperation built on providing the necessary support to farmers with regard to the provision of soft loans, tools, and expertise to ensure the availability of a safe and healthy environment for cows and that the product of this environment is safe dairy products that are up to the company’s strict specifications and standards and in line with company’s strategy aiming at providing high-quality products.