As part of its efforts to reduce the burdens on the citizens and in line with the state’s strategy Juhayna participates in supermarket Expo with unique offers on all its products.
Thabet: Providing promotions for citizens is currently on top of our spending priorities

Juhayna Co. participated in the 23rd edition of the Super Market Expo, which was held this year under the auspices of the Ministry of Supply and Domestic Trade, in cooperation with the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce. The exhibition, which is the largest of its kind, aims at providing all the local food needs of the Egyptian citizens in the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan at competitive prices through various promotions and offers.
Juhayna’s participation in the exhibition was part of its ongoing efforts in reducing the burden on the Egyptian citizens, especially in light of the current economic challenges. It also comes in line with the state’s strategy of holding exhibitions in support of the right of Egyptians to “buy directly” – from the factory to the consumer directly at reduced prices.
Seif Thabet, CEO for Juhayna Co. said: “Recent economic reform decisions, especially the Egyptian pound floatation, are decisions that have been long awaited and will have a positive impact over the next few years. Because we always keep the consumer on top of our priorities, we have to support the Egyptian citizen by following several strategies that would limit the over-pricing of the end-product, such as finding local alternatives to some production inputs and participating in major exhibitions with competitive offers, that’s a reason for our participation today in “Supermarket Expo”.
Thabet added that Juhayna is participating in the exhibition with a variety of products suitable for all social and economic classes. He pointed out that the company is making continuous efforts to reduce the burden on the Egyptian citizen, stressing that the company puts providing more offers to consumers on top of its spending priorities.