Juhayna re-launches the “Juhayna f Dahrek Ya Baheya” campaign to support breast cancer fighters


Cairo, October 25 2022: On the margins of the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Juhayna announced the re-launch of the “Juhayna f Dahrek Ya Baheya” campaign, with the aim to raise donations to complete the construction of Baheya Sheikh Zayed Hospital for early detection and treatment of breast cancer to receive 500,000 women in 2023. It also encourages all society members to participate in the volunteering program on Baheya’s website, which provides various methods of support, including more comprehensive types of donations.

Passant Fouad, External Communications Director at Juhayna, said: “This year’s “Juhayna f Dahrek Ya Baheya” campaign is unique, it stems from the company’s keenness to support breast cancer fighters by providing them with the greatest medical and psychological resources. The campaign confirms Juhayna’s contribution to community development by explicitly supporting and assisting women in diverse roles in society, and working to build healthier generations for a brighter future. Until now, the campaign was able to achieve huge progress in terms of the cooperation and integration of efforts among community members, which has led to an increase in donations in October 2022 by 12% compared to October 2021.

According to Fouad, some women believe they are a burden on their families and are highly sensitive in this regard, which may have a detrimental impact on their health, and some of them may decide to discontinue therapy. Consequently, we were determined to launch the campaign that achieved a high impact thanks to the participation of a group of social media influencers like Chef Sara Nashaat and the fashion designer Passant Badran who had a remarkable contribution in drawing smile on the fighters’ faces, in addition to relieving their psychological burden at large. Hence, we invite all individuals, businesses, and brands to join us in volunteering or donating to establish the Baheya Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

Tamer Shawky, Chairman of the Baheya Foundation, stated: “Juhayna was and still is the official and the main sponsor of Baheya in its fight to eradicate breast cancer. I believe that this collaboration is a living example of the importance of collaboration between the private sector, represented by Juhayna, and civil society organizations, represented by the Baheya Foundation. Having said that, the company goes to great lengths to help us fight cancer in a variety of ways; and the Foundation is eager to provide treatment services of the highest quality and efficiency.”

It is worth noting that Juhayna has been the first and main sponsor of Baheya Foundation since 2015. During this period, this partnership contributed to receiving 215,000 women between early detection, medical analysis, and tumor detection. This is in addition to its efforts to raise awareness about the importance of periodic and early detection of breast cancer through awareness seminars, initiatives, and campaigns.