Juhayna assuring its leadership in the juice sector and attentiveness to consumer needs.

“Proud to be an ambassador for a leading product that provides health and agility like Pure.”

Amr Bishara, We have a specialized research and development department that works regularly to examine the requirements of consumers and provide the best products

  • Juices sector sales volume doubled during the past two years and production capacity increased to 65%.
  • Significant growth for PURE products by around 22%.

Juhayna for food industries revealed its newest Pure family member, where a special ceremony was held to announce the launch of Pure pomegranate in the Egyptian market. The selection of new natural flavor came after careful studies of different consumer segments in Egypt that showed the popularity of the pomegranate and its health benefits among consumers. The event included several interactive activities that reflected the spirit of the product and created a joyful atmosphere among the attendees.

The ceremony was attended by many of the company’s managerial representatives along with PURE’s ambassador, Dora, who praised the new product and expressed her pride in representing PURE, a product that is free of sugar and full of vitamins giving it a unique taste and providing the health and agility that meets the consumers’ needs. Dora commented on the choice of pomegranate, being one of her favorite fruits. The famous actress mentioned that pomegranate has numerous benefits, which include facilitating the process of digestion, treatment of anemia and getting rid of headaches, in addition to helping preserve the freshness of skin and youthful vitality, a dream that all of us aspire.

dora-pureDora added that she visited the company’s production lines and witnessed how the company follows the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure delivery of products that match global standards and maintain the company’s leadership in the Egyptian market.

On the other hand, “Amr Bishara – juice category manager at Juhayna said: “The launch of Pure pomegranate is significant for several reasons. First, it reflects the company’s faith in the Egyptian market and the right of Egyptian consumer in getting high quality products comparable to the quality of the highest global standards and specifications. The second is the company’s understanding of the Egyptian consumer and its ability to choose what suits Egyptian tastes. The launch of new products such as the one we are witnessing today, is awed to our specialized R&D department. Perhaps such specialized departments are what distinguishes Juhayna from its competition.

Juhayna has established its leadership over the years, and Pure pomegranate is not going to be the last of our launches. We commit to our promise of more innovations that live up to the Egyptian consumers’ different tastes and needs.

Bishara hinted that Juhayna was able to double the juices industry sales volume during the past two years and increase production capacity to 65%, in addition to achieving a remarkable growth in PURE products estimated to 22%. On the other hand, he said that he is confident that Pure pomegranate will attract a broad sector of Egyptians such as the other nine flavors (orange – apple – cocktail – pineapple – guava – orange with carrots – mango with peach – red grapes).

Worth mentioning that Juhayna was the first to launch natural juices category “Pure” in 2001, which is a natural juice 100% without the addition of sugar, and is being produced from the finest types of fruit that are grown and packaged according to the latest matching domestic and international standards methods.