The celebration of World month for Breast Cancer Awareness

Juhayna and gorgeous hold a seminar to discuss the misconceptions about the causes of cancer

Juhayna – the main sponsor of the Bahia Foundation – an awareness seminar to discuss the misconceptions about the causes of cancer in collaboration with the Bahia Foundation for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer-free. Symposium comes on the sidelines of the celebration of World month of Breast Cancer Awareness also comes under Juhayna’s interest in increasing women’s awareness about important health issues such as breast cancer, which is in line with the leading campaign “Bensdja mothers of Egypt.” The seminar attended by a group of clients from the media, where they were received by senior officials of Juhayna Bahia Foundation for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer-free.

Mr. Mohamed Hammad, head of the dairy sector have commented company Aghinh- saying: “We are extending our partnership with Bahia Foundation, which has made the successes and achievements of the remarkable despite the short-enterprise life which does not exceed two years. Perhaps this partnership is a vivid example of the importance of cooperation between the private sector represented in Juhayna and civil society organizations represented in the Bahia Foundation for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer-free and ambitious goals that can be achieved, particularly with regard to breast cancer, which is witnessing, unfortunately, increasing rates of infection in Egypt. ” He added: “We are focusing today on raising awareness about some of the misconceptions that have sprung up recently with respect to the causes of breast cancer, which is consistent with Juhayna interesting increase the awareness of society as a whole and women in particular, being the heartbeat of the community.”

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Hassan – Head of Oncology Department of the institution of Bahia for early detection and treatment of breast cancer Bamajan- in a lengthy misconceptions concerning the causes of breast cancer, which included the belief human breast cancer in the case included family history of the person injured a family member the same disease show that the presence of a strange lump in the chest means a malignant or that eating milk and dairy products is one of the causes of breast cancer and that there is no cure boycotted for cancer, confirming that it is misconceptions, calling for concerted doctors, the media, private sector, and civil society organizations efforts in spreading awareness about cancer tumor general and breast cancer, in particular, stressing the importance of periodic disclosure, which usually leads to early detection of the disease and then achieve positive results in the treatment plan.

The Bahia Foundation for breast cancer treatment free of charge plans to create a new annex building branch of the current enterprise pyramid investment cost up to 50 million pounds in order to expand the range of services and the opportunity to receive a larger number of patients, which will be in collaboration with Juhayna under expanded “Bensdja mothers campaign Egypt “and working to support women to do different roles in the life and work efficiently on the breeding Nice capable of community development.

Up enterprise expenses annually to 80 million pounds. IDA has since its inception to receive more than 20 thousand patients during the year which is a huge number compared to the statistics, which showed the presence of approximately 43 thousand patients of breast cancer in Egypt. The Foundation also has been able to reduce waiting lists by increasing working hours and the number of doctors and the hospital is equipped with the latest equipment and the latest of which was diagnostic radiology device Radiotherapy while achieving advanced levels in respect of surgeries and early detection.