In an extraordinary surprise

Juhayna celebrates the Magico’s 38th birthday

And gives its fans the opportunity to attend Al Ahly’s training session

As part of its sustainable empowerment for the Egyptian youth in general and the sports fans in particular, Juhayna ran a Facebook competition among the page fans to share their special memorable moments in support of their favorite football club, Al Ahly.

It is well known that Egypt is a football nation, where the love of the game has passed from one generation to the other. The fact that inspired Juhayna to support Al Ahly across the past 18 years, where its logo appeared on the players’ t-shirts. Motivated by its motto “Juhayna in the back of Al Ahly club”, Juhayna never failed to practically back Egypt’s most popular football club.

Among the shared picturized memories, six pictures were chosen and the fans were invited to attend the club’s training session and get the chance to meet the players and share some special moments with them. In an extraordinary surprise, Juhayna decided to offer the winners the chance to celebrate with the club’s icon – Abou Treika – his 38th birthday. The winners showed their gratitude for Juhayna for giving them the chance to celebrate the birthday of Egyptian football legend.

It is worth mentioning that two of the winners were females which reflects the wide fan base of Al Ahly and goes hand in hand with Juhayna’s strategy to support women and their participation in all aspects of the society.

Passant Fouad, external communications manager in Juhayna, commented that the competition reflects Juhayna’s ability to understand the needs and wants of its consumers not just in terms of products, but also their dreams and hopes even if it is as simple as meeting their favorite club’s players. Passant also assured that Juhayna was one of the first sponsors of Al Ahly as part of its focus on sports not just for its physical benefit, but also as an aspect that can result in building a generation of knowledgeable and open-minded youth that can achieve its dreams.

It is worth mentioning that Juhayna directs a lot of its attention towards sports, which reflects its strategy that works constantly on supporting and motivating the youth to be good representatives of the Egyptian society. Juhayna’s lates activities included honoring Hedaya Malak, winner of the bronze model in Taekwondo in Rio’s Olympics. The company also sponsors several initiatives by the youth such as Galal Shatila’s initiative to climb the world’s highest mountain peaks of every continent, raising donations to serve the Egyptian society.