As part of Juhayna’s commitment to preserve the environment

Juhayna collaborated with Green Pan to recycle used oil


  • Green Pan is a great initiative taken by a group of youth to raise community awareness towards the environment and encourage recycling.
  • We aspire to reach the largest number of Egyptian households during Ramadan with a target of 4000 households.

Cairo xx May 2019: Juhayna collaborated with Tagadod; a company that offers unique solutions, through turning conventional waste into unconventional solutions. Green Pan initiative by Tagadod collects used oils from households and recycles it. The company’s participation serves its commitment to preserve the environment, and its keenness to raise citizen awareness about the need to contribute to supporting the environment sector. which comes in clear compliance with goals 7 and 12 of the SDGs: “Affordable and Clean Energy” and “Responsible Consumption and Production”.

“Green Pan is a great initiative taken by a group of youth to raise community awareness about the environment and encourage recycling, which reflects on the Egyptian youth’s awareness about the current economic challenges. “said Passant Fouad, Head of External Relations.

Green Pan collects cooking oil from households, restaurants or hotels, which is then recycled and used to manufacture biofuel as an alternative to diesel, which can be used to operate factories and manufacture glycerin with permission from the Ministries of Health and Environment. The initiative aspires to reach the largest number of Egyptian households and is targeting 4,000 homes during Ramadan.

Juhayna has placed the environment at the top of their priorities, with a clear agenda to rationalize energy consumption, shift to responsible consumption, and follow global environmental standards. The company was honored by the Technology and Innovation Council’s Cleaner Production Technology Center “ENCPC” and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in recognition of their efforts in the environmental sector.

The company has also been active in promoting youth initiatives. This is demonstrated by its support to the Enactus competition for more than 10 years in Egypt, which prepares the youth to be successful entrepreneurs.