In Support of  World Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Juhayna dedicates a percentage of its Pink products’ profits during October to the new Baheya Hospital in ElSheikh Zayed



Cairo, October 1, 2020: Juhayna, the first and main sponsor of Baheya Foundation for early detection and free treatment of breast cancer, has launched a campaign to support the construction of the new Baheya Hospital in ElSheikh Zayed to accommodate the increased waiting lines of the hospital.

This October, Juhayna is donating 8% of its pink products’ profits to support the construction of the new Baheya Hospital in Sheikh Zayed, as 1/8 of Egyptian women are prone to breast cancer. By doing so, Juhayna is ensuring their continuous support to Baheya Foundation that has been ongoing since its inception. In fact, this support coincides with the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Passant Fouad, External Relations Director at Juhayna, stated: “Juhayna has always been an avid supporter for Baheya Foundation, as this support has been spanning over the past five years. If this indicates anything, it proves that the company’s strategy prioritizes women through ensuring their safety, wellbeing, and health. Backing up the foundation was a crucial gesture that had to occur, especially with the recent statistics which stipulate that 1 in every 8 women are prone to developing breast cancer. Not to mention, that there are still endless waiting lists seeking urgent treatment. That was the main trigger for launching this campaign and dedicating 8% of the pink products’ profits to the foundation during October, which is breast cancer awareness month.”

Fouad added: “Our support to Baheya encompasses the regular means. We believe we are partners in shedding light on its crucial cause and encouraging Egyptian people to support, donate and contribute to the construction of the new Sheikh Zayed hospital branch. Under the name of “It Takes Two” or بنكمل بعض, this year’s campaign is meant to reinforce the idea of cooperation and integration of efforts between the community and the private sector. In addition, this campaign comes in line with one of Juhayna’s ultimate objectives, which is supporting and empowering Egyptian women”.

Eng.Tamer Shawky -The Board Chairman of Directors of Baheya Foundation- clarified that the new branch will be built on an area of 27 thousand square meters in ElSheikh Zayed City and aspires to complete the construction of the first phase of the new branch, within the next 3 years. This, in turn, will contribute to reducing the patients’ waiting lists, which in some cases might reach 7 months. The new branch will include the best-in-class medical teams. It is also equipped with the latest international medical practices and routines used to achieve the highest rates of recovery, which were not fully present at their current branch. The new branch contains the third unit for early detection and radiotherapy to accommodate a larger number of patients, in addition we hope to increase the unit’s operational working hours and thus, the capacity to accommodate more patients.

It is worth noting that Juhayna’s support for Baheya Foundation has extended since 2015, hence the foundation was able to welcome 1,205,568 women whom their cases ranged between early and tumor detection, as well as medical analyses over a period of five years. This is in addition to its efforts to raise awareness about the importance of periodic and early detection of breast cancer through awareness seminars, initiatives, and campaigns.