In a ceremony held by Amwal Al Ghad organization

Juhayna gets honored as one of the top 100 organizations in the Egyptian market in 2016 and one of its female calibers chosen as the 50 most influential women

Saif Thabet: It is an honor to be recognized by Amwal Al Ghad and we hope to remain a good ambassador of the food industries sector

Passant Fouad: I owe this recognition to Juhayna that positions women empowerment as a top priority…’s acknowledgment sends a positive message highlighting the importance of women in economic development


Cairo 25th of January 2017: In the annual survey conducted by Amwal El Ghad, Juhayna was chosen as one of the top 100 organizations in the Egyptian market. Additionally, Passant Fouad, an external communications manager, was chosen as one of the 50 most influential women in the business and economic sector in Egypt.

Juhayna and Passant Fouad will be honored during a celebratory ceremony under the title ‘Egypt’s Summit for the Best’. The event will be held on Monday 30th of January 2017 under the auspices of the prime minister and with the participation of 6 minsters and several public figures, as well as the management of the biggest businesses in Egypt. The award will be received by Mr. Saif Thabet, CEO of Juhayna.

Saif Thabet expressed his happiness with the acknowledgement of Juhayna as one of the top 100 organizations in Egypt, especially that this is the second consecutive year that Juhayna receives this award, which assures that the company is going in the right direction towards achieving development and growth not only on a business operational level but also on the food industries sector in general.

Thabet also added “Our happiness was magnified by the honoring of one of our female calibers as one of the 50 most influential women in 2016, which reflects our strong belief in the vital and essential role of women in the development and growth of the society as a whole. This acknowledgment also comes as a proof of our organizational internal policy that supports and empowers women through their ascension to the highest roles in the company’s managerial positions. We constantly aim to provide a balanced working environment that allows the growth of capabilities and skills and provides the needed moral support to achieve unprecedented results. We are glad that we are gaining the results of our work one year after the other.”

Passant Fouad expressed her delight with the acknowledgment as one of the most influential women, which proves the importance of emphasizing the role of women in the society and sends a positive message to Egyptian women that their work and efforts are essential to the development of the Egyptian economy. Fouad pointed out her pride in being part of a Juhayna’s team, as Juhayna is a successful Egyptian organization, advancing with solid steps in regards to women empowerment and achieving equality in the working environment, which strengths its competitiveness not only on the national but also the international level.

passantIt is worth mentioning that the criteria for choosing the top 100 organizations in the Egyptian market is determined through the analysis of 241 companies in the Egyptian stock exchange that made profits in 2016. Afterwards, the companies are filtered according to their revenues, net profits and market values. This process is to support and encourage investors and business men to inject their investments in the Egyptian market and execute more developmental projects.

The 50 most influential women in the Egyptian economy’s list was chosen according to certain criteria that was put in place by the ‘Fifties Forum’, which is considered the first female network including the most influential women in the economy and aims at continuing the forum’s plan that targets strengthening the role of women in different economic sectors. The forum also aims to achieve its vision for 2017, which works towards encouraging the nation to move forward in regards to the launching of the year of Egyptian women 2017.