In celebration of rewarding him with the Golden Merit Medal by the General Assembly of the African “CAF”
Juhayna honors Captain Hassan Hamdy, the former president of Al Ahly Club for his unprecedented achievements which have enriched the history of the club of the century and the field of sports in Egypt
Thabet: Hassan Hamdy’s Golden Merit Medal is considered a unique mark in the history of Egyptian sports as it is the most significant award being awarded to an Egyptian football president for the first time

Juhayna held a ceremony to honor Captain Hassan Hamdy, former president of Al Ahly club, in celebration of winning Golden Merit Medal award by the General Assembly of the African “CAF” last month. The award was a culmination of Captain Hassan Hamdy’s achievements, who influenced the history of the Red Castle and contributed to the club being named as the club of 20th and 21st century. The event was attended by several public and sports figures.

Safwan Thabit – Chairman of Juhayna – commented that “we couldn’t have missed an occasion as important as Hassan Hamdy’s rewarding with the Golden Merit Medal award without honoring him. Despite the fact that the award came only to reward Captain Hassan personally on his achievements, we consider it a milestone in the history of Egyptian football, where no Egyptian president has ever received such an award. “This honor is a culmination of Captain Hamdy’s dedicated efforts to serve Al-Ahly club, one of the world’s largest and most successful sports clubs.”

Juhayna’s honoring of Captain Hassan Hamdy is an integral part of its strategy that pays great attention to support the youth and sports. As [art of its strategy, the company has sponsored the club for the past 18 years, along with many other leading initiatives. During the sponsorship period, Al Ahly witnessed a golden age, winning more than 25 local and continental championships, which coincided with the wise and experienced leadership of Captain Hassan Hamdy player to Al-Ahly club. The golden age witnessed Al Ahly’s winning of 4 African Champions League titles, 4 Super Continental titles, 7 Egyptian League titles, 3 Egyptian Cup titles and National Super titles.

The success of Al Ahly continued on the national, continental and even international level when the club witnessed an uplifting transformation by reaching the Clubs World Cup 5 times, and finishing up in 3rd place in 2006. During that period, the Egyptian club also played several matches against the best teams in the world including Barcelona, Bayern Munich and many others.