In Light of the Company’s Constant Concern about Food Safety & Quality Juhayna Hosts Two Delegations from the Egyptian and Kuwaiti Food Safety Authorities
The law draft for establishing a Food Safety Authority has finally come to light after many claims by the consumers and investors, the law basically aims to create a unified legislative framework and quality control check on the food’s safety and quality to diminish the existence of the different control bodies on food commodities and the absence of coordination between them.
Juhayna was one of the very first companies in the food industry that has been concerned throughout its long history with food safety, and has always ensured that it is consistent with the highest international strict quality standards. Accordingly, the company has sensed the necessity of having a competent body to control food safety and quality not only on the domestic level but on the regional and international levels as well. The Food Safety Authority will contribute in revamping Egyptian products’ image which will in turn open foreign markets for Egyptian exports.
In this context, Juhayna Food Industries have hosted two delegations from the Egyptian and Kuwaiti Food Safety Authorities, where company’s officials have escorted the delegations in a tour in their two factories; Al Marwa for concentrates and El Dawleya for Juice.
Delegations included a number of the officials from the Egyptian and Kuwaiti Food Safety Authorities, headed by Dr. Hussein Mansour- Head of Food Safety Committee in the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Mr. Eissa Al Kendary- Chairman of the Kuwaiti Food Safety Authority.
The visit’s program included a detailed explanation for Juhayna’s strategy and the distinguished business model that it follows, to control the entire production and supply process, starting from the farm reaching to the end user. This is done through executing the vertical integration model that the company adopts, and which has had its positive implications on the company’s capabilities in controlling and assuring the quality of the raw materials, and with providing the products at competitive prices. The fruitful strategy has resulted in offering the utmost products quality with prices that are affordable to the various consumer categories.

Juhayna’s officials have reverted to the determined efforts exerted by the company to enrich the techniques used in the manufacturing process, in parallel with enhancing the activities of the research and development department, and upgrading the human capacity. Mentioning that these efforts have resulted in achieving more success and development in the company’s business along with reinforcing its leading position among companies operating in the food industries market.

“I am glad about what I witnessed today in Juhayna’s factories and with the advanced technologies it acquires to come up with high-quality products. We are all proud that they are purely Egyptian produced, said Dr. Hussein Mansour- Chairman of the Food Safety Authority, in occasion of his visit. The company has worked hard to guarantee that its products follow the highest international standards in the entire production process and that it enriches the expertise of its suppliers with that necessary culture to preserve the health of the Egyptian customer, and to promote Egyptian food products throughout the world, he added. I believe approving the law draft that has specified the roles of the Food Safety Authority is the first step to take if we want to achieve the government’s goal of boosting Egyptian products and increasing exports to be acceptable in all international market, concluded Mansour.

Passant Fouad– External Communication Manager at Juhayna- praised the Egyptian and Kuwaiti delegations’ visit, highlighting that it’s one of the most important visits that the company has hosted lately. Fouad stressed on Juhayna’s belief in its role reviving the Egyptian industries and enhancing its development through constantly developing the quality and the utilized technologies. She added, this has enabled the company to conquer its position as a leader in the food industries for many years.
It’s worth mentioning that Juhayna has hosted many delegations representing the ministries of industry and agriculture in the Arab and foreign countries for being a market leader in the Egyptian food industry. Juhayna is one very good ambassador for the Egyptian food industries because of its high-quality products and its very well advanced technologies.