For the seventh consecutive year:

Juhayna participates in Ahlan Ramadan exhibition to commemorate the Holy Month of Ramadan with its consumers

Cairo XX March 2022, For the seventh consecutive year, Juhayna takes part in the “Ahlan Ramadan Exhibition”, organized by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, in association with the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and The Holding Company for Food Industries, and under the auspices of Egypt’s Prime Minister, Dr. Mosafa Matbouly. The event took place in the Cairo International Conference Center from March 24 to April 1, with the presence of 175 companies, and up to 250 companies expected to join.

Through a variety of promotional and marketing initiatives, the exhibition aimed to give Egyptian families access to a variety of fast-moving consumer items at reasonable prices throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, especially in light of the recent spike in the cost of necessities.

“We are proud of our participation in the largest exhibition of its kind for the seventh year in a row,” said Passant Fouad, Director of External Relations at Juhayna. “We see this as a key pillar that connects Juhayna to its customers, and our continued involvement is consistent with the company’s efforts to reduce the financial burden on the community, as well as our commitment to always prioritize the needs and ambitions of our customers.”

According to Fouad, Juhayna prepares for the Holy Month of Ramadan by boosting its production capacity to match market demand, as well as offering lower deals and pricing on its various products, including oriental juices, yoghurt, and milk. She also stated that Juhayna’s participation reflects the company’s desire to contribute to the state’s efforts to provide social security for the beneficiaries, while establishing the necessary financial and monetary measures and policies to control markets, and ensure the availability of strategic goods and price stability. The aforementioned contribute to boosting the performance of numerous sectors and strengthening the national economy’s structure.