As part of its expansion strategy to enter new export horizons

Juhayna participates in SIAL international food exhibition in Paris

Passant Fouad: Juhayna’s participation aims to enhance trade cooperation in new foreign markets.

Cairo October 21, 2018: Juhayna participated in SIAL, the worlds largest food exhibition, held from 21 to 25 October in Paris, as an effort to shed light on the latest developments in the food and beverage industry and address the sector’s challenges within the next 30 years.

The participation comes as part of Juhayna’s keenness to exchange experiences with major international companies and learn about the latest technologies from companies known for their excellence in the juice and dairy sector. In addition to increasing trade opportunities with the largest producers and investors as a step to open new export horizons.

During the event, Juhayna introduced and promote its latest products, reflecting its belief in the solidity of the Egyptian economy, and took advantage of the exhibition as an effective platform to introduce the Egyptian food industry.

“The importance of participating in such international exhibitions lies in enhancing the position of the Egyptian food industry globally and emphasizing Egypt’s ability to compete with locally produced products of high quality and global standards,” Passant Fouad, Vice President of External Relations at Juhayna, said.

Exports are on top of Juhayna’s list, ambitiously aiming to conquer new international markets, where the share of exports represents 6% of the company’s 2017 sales. Juhayna’s plan is harmonious with the Egyptian food industry’s policy – being one of the most vital sectors in the Egyptian economy – which aims to increase the competitiveness of Egyptian products and boost exports during the next phase.

In 2018, SIAL Paris will be a bigger source of inspiration than ever for the world’s food industry; with 7,020 companies from more than 109 countries presenting all their food products to retail and foodservice professionals across 21 exhibition sectors, from ingredients and equipment to products.