For the second year in a row

Juhayna participates in Super Market ‘’Ahlan Ramadan” exhibition with special offers and discounts up to 28%

Fouad: our leadership in the food industry sector motivated the participants in the exhibition, we strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to consistently ease the burden on citizens in addition to helping them attain their needs using competitive prices.


Cairo, 9th of May: Juhayna participates for the 2nd year in a row in Ahlan Ramadan exhibition in its 24th session, which is organized by the Ministry of supply and internal trade in cooperation with the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce in 19-6, where more than 200 Specialized Companies in the manufacture of various food products participate in the exhibition.

This exhibition is considered to be the largest of its kind. Thus, it highly aims to provide Egyptian families during Ramadan with local food needs and competitive prices through various promotions. Juhayna’s participation in the exhibition is aligned with its objective to support the state’s plan by alleviating the burden on low-income families through inflation. Juhayna has contributed to this strategy by cutting its prices where the company participates in the exhibition in two governorates “Cairo and Alexandria” providing offers and discounts up to 28%.


Passant FouadJuhayna’s Assistant Head of External Relations, commented that our leadership in the food industry sector motivate us to participate in the exhibition serving the Egyptian consumer. Hence, this came in line with the company’s strategy that persistently prioritizes consumer needs above all the economic and social categories. Throughout our substantial journey, offering consumers a variety of high-quality products with competitive prices. It is also worth mentioning, that spreading our participation to the Alexandria governorate is an assurance on our keenness to reach citizens with different needs and wants wherever they are.