Juhayna renews its partnership with Bahia Foundation after four years of fruitful cooperation

Fouad: We pay attention to healthcare file and to women health in specific for their effective role in society development

Emara: Throughout four years partnership with Juhayna 77,000 patients were checked up and over 4899 cancer cases were treated

Cairo, March 20, 2019: Juhayna celebrated four years of partnership with Bahia Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer for free. The company’s sponsorship comes within its community role, which aims to spread health awareness and support fruitful initiatives.

Capitalizing on the initiative’s success, Juhayna announced the renewal of its sponsorship contract with Baheya Foundation for another two years.

“In recent years it has been proven that cancer rates are rising, which is why Juhayna has to continue supporting Baheya through many channels that are not limited to financial support but also include knowledge support,” said Passant Fouad, head of external relations at Juhayna.

“We at Juhayna contributed in highlighting the importance of early detection and in emphasizing the high rate of cure rates in case of early detection. Through our partnership with Baheya, we have conducted many seminars, initiatives and campaigns aiming to raise awareness about periodic or early detection, or motivating all sectors of society to support the foundation with its noble goals,” Fouad explained

“Our support for Baheya is an integral part of Juhayna’s strategy, which comes in line with the United Nations goals for sustainable development, especially Goal #3 ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’,” added Fouad.

Dr. Mohamed Amara, Director of Bahia Center for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer, expressed his gratefulness to Juhayna for its pioneer role in supporting the institution. He stressed that the company has never hesitated to provide the needed material and moral support. He added that the hospital is committed to keeping up with the pace of the latest developments in this field and applying the latest medical technology in diagnosis and treatment.

Since the center’s establishment in 2015, Baheya Foundation has treated more than 4899 cancer fighters, in addition to increasing the number of female fighters to reach 77,000 through the early detection program. The organization has also been able to reduce waiting lists by increasing working hours, the number of doctors and equipping the hospital with the latest equipment. In terms of surgery and early detection, all services are offered with advanced rates, and the number of awareness campaigns has reached about 200 in various governorates of Egypt, noted Emara.

He also pointed out the remarkable steps and future projects that the foundation is seeking to undertake in the coming period. The first is the establishment of the first comprehensive hospital for the treatment of cancer patients over an area of 4,000 square meters in Sheikh Zayed City, equipped with the latest international medical methods and the most specialized medical teams to achieve highest healing rates. The hospital will also include the third unit of Early Detection and Radiation Therapy to accommodate more women, as well as work to increase the working hours at the center and its capacity to accommodate larger numbers of patients.

Emara highlighted that the Foundation is working through its annual medical conference with the participation of a large number of specialized doctors from Egyptian universities and oncology institutes abroad to discuss research and the latest scientific knowledge in this field. As well as participating in breast cancer scientific research discussed at the largest international conferences in the USA and Europe.

It is worth noting that Baheya Foundation also aims to expand Baheya Academy to train a large number of Egyptian trainees, foreign graduates, and students on medical, administrative and overall quality procedures in various departments of Baheya Hospital. It will also expand its scientific research; through its research center accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and receives various researches for publication in scientific journals in cooperation with the National Research Center and a number of Egyptian universities.