Juhayna sheds the light on the importance of emotional support for breast cancer fighters

Cairo on October 23, 2021: Juhayna, the first and main sponsor of Baheya Foundation for early detection and free treatment of breast cancer, has taken the advantage of the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month to shed light on the robust relation between the physical and mental health, and how important emotional support is in accelerating breast cancer patients’ recovery, as a part of their treatment plan.
Passant Fouad, External Relations Director at Juhayna, said: “Our long-term partnership with Baheya is one of a kind, as it sets an inspiring example in fighting against breast cancer. Throughout the past years, we’ve managed to support Baheya in achieving high recovery rates, and most importantly raise awareness for this disease. Accordingly, we are keen to continue our support to Baheya foundation, utilizing different means that encompass financial and emotional support”.

Fouad added: “This year, Juhayna has carried out many activities that contribute to boosting the morale of breast cancer patients, one of which is organizing a pampering day that took place at Baheya foundation. The day included several activities for the patients, such as art therapy sessions by “Estegmam” and hair consultancy by ‘CHI’, in addition to skincare sessions by “L’Oreal” and “Areej”. Juhayna has also made changes in the hospital rooms’ design by adding motivational quotes and cheerful colors to support the patients during their chemotherapy sessions and uplift their spirit.
It is worth mentioning that Juhayna has always been an avid supporter for Baheya Foundation since 2015. This partnership comes in line with the company’s keenness to support women and the healthcare sector. So far, the foundation was able to welcome 165,352 women whom their cases ranged between early and tumor detection, as well as medical analyses over a period of six years, which reflects the exerted efforts to reach a higher rate of recovery.