El Sagheer: Juhayna female employees comprise 12% of the managerial posts … in a male dominated sector

Cairo- 20 of July 2016: Juhayna celebrated the signing ceremony of its cooperation protocol with the German Agency for International Cooperation where the later will provide financial and consultancy support for Juhayna for two consecutive years. The protocol aims at promoting gender equality at the work place, assuring Juhayna’s milestones in a male dominated business. The grant is the result of Juhayna’s wining award of “Gender Equity in the Workplace” contest, where Juhayna came at the 1st rank of the submitted companies in the industry. This award ensures Juhayna’s leadership in creating a diversified and inclusive work place that provides equal opportunities for career development and promotion.

Over two consecutive years, the training program will be executed by a team of experts from Egypt and Germany. The program will focus on providing diversity management programs aiming at providing equal opportunities to Juhayna’s labor force. The team will start by extensively monitoring and evaluating the company’s work environment in order to identify the current challenges and make the necessary recommendations to help bridge the gap and ensure a more distinctive work environment. The team also will train the competent departments and divisions on how to implement the recommended programs to reach the best results.

In this respect, Juhayna’s HR head, Samah Al-Sagheer stated that: “We believe in the vital and effective role played by women to improve the well-being of the society as a whole. Perhaps the promotional campaigns we undertake namely, “Bnshagaa Omhat Masr” or “women who change tomorrow” ”WWCT” is considered one of the best proof that the company is always keen to support Egyptian women in different aspects of life. These and other initiatives is a true reflection of the company’s internal policies that support women and even enable them to reach the highest career positions in the company, where a clear work/life balance is maintained and a great sense of inclusion is practiced daily.