As part of its strategy to support youth:

Juhayna sponsors Enactus for the 13th consecutive year and recognizes the winning Ain Sham University team

Cairo, July 26, 2022– For the 13th consecutive year, Juhayna sponsors the annual national competition of Enactus, as part of its strategy to support and empower youth. The competition aims to help entrepreneurs find innovative solutions for their projects, and inspire them to come up with more creative ideas that benefit the community, in line with Egypt’s 2030 Vision and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The company recognized the Ain Shams University team for winning first place for their project, which entails extracting fodder from lobster to provide a cheaper food alternative. The winning team will compete as a representative of Egypt in the international Enactus competition, which is scheduled to take place in Puerto Rico in October.

The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration team from Helwan University in Zamalek won second place for two projects. The first aims to develop a system that aids in the prediction of the symptoms of diseases affecting the wheat crop, and the second focuses on sooty mold disease, which interferes with the natural growth process of the mango plant. The Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport – Sheraton team, on the other hand, won third place for a project that aims to create a new remedy for soil problems, composed of natural agricultural elements and organic components.

The annual competition included 1,200 male and female students from 52 Egyptian universities. All teams competed to present their ideas and projects in various fields in order to contribute to the provision of innovative solutions that can be effectively applied to the development of society.

The ceremony was attended by a number of Egyptian and foreign companies’ representatives, including Passant Fouad, Director of External Relations at Juhayna Food Industries, as well as a group of businessmen and CEOs of major Egyptian companies. They participated as jury members, evaluating the ideas and projects presented in the competition, and selecting the winner after a thorough evaluation in accordance with the judging criteria.

Fouad expressed her happiness with taking part in the competition’s closing ceremony, saying: “Juhayna’s eagerness to participate in Enactus is renewed year after year, reflecting the company’s belief in the importance of supporting youth as the driving force for achieving sustainable economic development. I have to say that the ideas that we see every year indicate a great deal of innovation, creativity, and effort exerted by students, which encourages us to support these types of events, as they highlight the youth’s talents and efforts in serving the community.”

Fouad continued: “The company’s efforts are always directed towards supporting youth, and preparing a new generation of entrepreneurs to face the current challenges, and plan for the future. This strategy is regarded as a common factor between Juhayna and Enactus, as we work every year to direct young people’s ideas and projects to act as practical solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems; positively supporting the state’s efforts in the development of society at all levels.”

Fatma Serry, Founder and CEO of Enactus Egypt, said: “I am proud of our 13-year partnership with Juhayna, through which we have been able to support many generations and provide them with the necessary training to enter the labor market.” Serry also expressed her joy and pride in each of this year’s participating teams, for presenting various ideas and projects aimed at solving societal problems. She also reassured the students that their efforts and work are the true winners, and urged them to continue being creative and thinking of ways to put their ideas into action.

It is worth noting that Enactus is the world’s largest experiential educational platform, with over 8000 university students participating across the country. The organization’s goal is to make the world a better place by developing the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as providing integrated opportunities and a healthy competitive environment for them to develop their practical skills at the local level, in order to later qualify and compete at the global level.