In support of the CFA Egyptian participants presenting a financial analysis of Juhayna’s stock performance

Juhayna hosts the participating team in its Al Dawleya factory

Thabet: we are glad Juhayna has been chosen as this year’s model…….the young participants represent the bright future of Egypt

The Certified Financial Analysts (CFA) society is holding its annual competition under the slogan ‘Research Challenge’, where students representing 12 universities will be competing to present the best financial analysis and share value report of a chosen company. The CFA society aims to improve the student’s skills on researching and analysis, through providing a professional environment to rate companies and present a pro-financial report on them. More than 650 universities participate in the competition represented by 3000 students from 55 countries.

The participating students from Egypt picked ‘Juhayna Food Industries’ as their business model this year, where students will present a full analysis on the performance of the company’s shares in Egypt’s stock exchange market. In support to the team, Juahyna invited the team for a tour in Al Dawlya factory, followed by an extensive talking session about the offering and developing phases of the company’s shares. Juhayna’s executives also discussed the expected future performance of the company in the stock market during the coming period.

The winning team will qualify to the regional competition (GMEA and Europe) before qualifying to the final competition in April 2017.

The participating students expressed their admiration for Juhayna’s business model, and were very impressed that a 100% Egyptian factory implements the highest safety and quality global standards across all its production lines.


Seif Thabet, Juhayna’s CEO, commented “supporting the youth and developing their skills are two of the main pillars that Juhayna focuses on in its strategy as we believe that the youths are the leaders of the future. We are glad that Juhayna has been chosen as the model for the study of this year’s CFA competition and we hope that the visit was fruitful for the participants and provided them with the needed information about Juhayna’s performance in the market. We wish the Egyptian team the best of luck in their competition and we hope they will make it through to the regional and final competitions.

It is worth mentioning that the number of teams participating this year is 12 teams that include students from AUC, Cairo University, Helwan University and several prestigious universities around Egypt. Egypt is participating in the competition for the sixth year. The number of the participants this year is the highest since its establishment in Egypt as there are 12 teams participating in comparison to 8 teams last year which is a reflection of the competition’s success in Egypt and its ability to attract educational institutions and universities.