LE 15 million donations from Juhayna to Tahya Misr’s Fund for the treatment of Virus C

Honoring Juhayna in Tahya Misr’s Fund annual Sohour for its persistent efforts in developing the Egyptian society

Cairo 12 June 2018:

The Financial Affairs Authority of the Armed Forces and General Mohamed Amin Ibrahim – General Secretary of Tahya Misr’s Fund, honored Juhayna, which is represented by the company’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Saif Thabit. This gallant acknowledgment was for Juhayna’s incessant efforts towards the development of the Egyptian society and its remarkable purging of health challenges in Egypt. The award came as part of the company’s recent donation to Tahya Misr’s fund withL.E 15 million for the treatment of virus C.

Since its establishment, Tahya Misr’s Fund has helped in the treatment of more than 160,000 patients in accordance with the national plan for the treatment of viral infection, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Population to achieve global recovery rates from virus C and eliminate waiting lists for unprivileged people.

Furthermore, the Fund generated a specialized virus C center to fight HIV virus in the Luxor governorate, serving underprivileged patients from the governorate and neighboring provinces by offering free treatment.

The company’s contribution comes from it’s constructive developmental and social role, that lucratively spreads health awareness and support abundant initiatives. Nevertheless, since 2015, Juhayna conglomerated with “Baheya Foundation” for early breast cancer detection and treatment. This contributed in the attainment of high recovery rates and augmented Egyptian awareness about the significance of periodic and early detection of breast cancer.

The company’s interest in the health sector is aligned with its keening leadership to persistently postulate nutritious safe products that meet all economic and social requirements for the Egyptian society.