The Danish Ambassador praises Juhayna for meeting international production standards in its Milk and Juice factories



Cairo, June XX 2022: Juhayna Food Industries invited H.E. Svend Olling, the Danish Ambassador to Egypt for a visit to its dairy and juice factories at the 6th of October city. The tour covered a comprehensive introduction to the factories’ various divisions, as well as the latest technologies utilized by the company to implement its production and packaging operations. Ambassador Olling was accompanied by Mr. Niels Thomsen, CEO of Juhayna, and Mrs. Passant Fouad, External Relations Director at Juhayna.


The tour of Juhayna’s dairy production factory began with a brief introduction about Juhayna, one the leading Egyptian companies in the food and beverage sector. It also included an introduction on the different stages of the dairy production, starting from raw and packaging materials’ receipt, reaching to the final product. Moreover, the tour encompassed showing the production stages in the factory that are carried out in an automated and sterilized way, which guarantees that the products meet the highest local and international quality standards.


Ambassador Olling also visited Juhayna’s juice factory, which is one of the largest industrial complexes in Egypt and the MENA region, primarily used for the production and packaging of juices. Respectively, Ambassador Olling expressed his satisfaction with the tour in Juhayna’s factories stating: “What I saw today is an advanced and sophisticated development of the technology system that Juhayna uses to produce and package its own products, ensuring the highest quality for its customers.” Furthermore, he praised the juice factory for its production capacity, and the company’s commitment to produce in a sustainable manner, which benefits the Egyptian community and the world at large.


It is worth mentioning that the juice factory was established in 2009, and since then, it earned several international certifications in accordance with national and international quality standards, including ISO14001:2015 for environmental management systems, ISO45001 for occupational health and safety management system, FSSC 22000 (ver.5.1) for food safety management system, and ISO 5001:2018 for energy management systems and ISO 45001:2018 for occupational health and safety management system. On the other hand, Juhayna acquired the dairy factory in 2005, and was awarded different certifications, including BRCGS (ver. 8) for Global Standard for Food Safety and other international certifications as obtained by the juice factory.