Tiba Trading and Distribution Company and the Egyptian Saudi Company for Water and Food Industries (FLO) sign a partnership for distribution

Thabet: A step that emphasizes the company’s leadership and its ability to reach all governorates through a trained fleet and trained manpower

Daoud: We look forward to achieving more achievements and successes in the Egyptian market in light of the fruitful cooperation with Tiba


It was announced that Tiba and FLO have signed a partnership agreement in which FLO water is distributed by Tiba. Tiba Trading and Distribution Company owns and operates 28 distribution centers that cover an overall total of 27 governorates to which refrigerated and non-refrigerated products are distributed to most retail outlets. These transactions require the use of up to 1000 transport trucks.

This partnership emphasizes the strength of the distribution network of Tiba (the commercial arm of Juhayna), which gives Tiba the power to grasp all segments of society. That being said, this partnership also emphasizes the strength of FLO which, since its launch last year, has left quite good impression on the Egyptian market. FLO wanted to reach a wider span of consumers which is the reason why they chose to collaborate with Tiba. SaifThabet, CEO of Juhayna, said, “The distribution contract is an extension of the success achieved by Tiba in the Egyptian market since its inception in 2005.”

After the company gained global confidence in distributing the products of Arla International,Thabet commented by saying, “The partnership will strengthen local confidence in the company’s capabilities, especially in terms of trade and distribution, through cooperation with FLO, and we hope this will be a new cornerstone for both companies in their respective fields to provide a quality health product to our customers.”

Mahmoud Daood, Chairman and CEO of FLO, stated that the company is happy to partner with one of the well-known   distributive castles likeTiba. He proceeded to promote the company’s goals by saying that the company is keen on reaching its consumers to wherever they may be, with a well thought out strategy and methodology. FLO started searching for a tactical partner to grant their distribution desires as efficiently as possible and Tiba stood out for a number of reasons. 1. It hold the largest distribution network through several governorates. 2. Tiba provides quality work of international standards. 3. Tiba, being the commercial arm of Juhayna (a large manufacturer), guarantees a proper and achievable vision, as well as a reliable strategy and carefully thought-out plan. FLO believes that this will help them reach their highest pinpoint yet.

Daood said that “FLO was launched in the Egyptian market in July 2017 to achieve remarkable success in less than a year. The company succeeded in making a fuss through its marketing and sales strategy and reaching a wide range of targeted consumers. The company provides the best quality bottled water in line with international standards and suit the consumer taste unique and high.”