Date Title
01-January-2022 Governor of the New Valley tours Juhayna’s El-Enmaa Farm commending its development efforts
09-February-2022 Juhayna welcomes Mr. Karim Salah Eldin as new General Manager for its distribution arm.
21-February-2022 Niels Thomson CEO Announcement
08-March-2022 AlMasrya factory achieved Grade A in the BRCGS Food Safety Global Standard
24-March-2022 Ahlan Ramadan
30-March-2022 Juhayna promotes women’s economic empowerment through “Heya El Commanda” program
25-May-2022 Juhayna launches “Pay it Forward” campaign to gather 10,000 sports shoes and grant them to youth centers
01-June-2022 The Danish Ambassador praises Juhayna for meeting international production standards in its Milk and Juice factories
26-July-2022 Juhayna sponsors Enactus for the 13th consecutive year and recognizes the winning Ain Sham University team
22-September-2022 Juhayna invites the Swedish Ambassador to a tour inside its dairy factory
17-October-2022 Juhayna and Karm Solar Agreement
01-October-2022 Juhayna Joins “The Alliance Of Green Transformation Partners”
15-October-2022 Juhayna publishes its second edition of the “Carbon Footprint” report to track the greenhouse gas emissions from its activities
25-October-2022 Juhayna re-launches the “Juhayna f Dahrek Ya Baheya” campaign to support breast cancer fighters
07-November-2022 Juhayna releases its sustainability report to showcase its most prominent activities in achieving sustainable development
12-November-2022 The declaration of the First Egyptian Pact for Used Beverage Cartons
13-December-2022 Juhayna becomes the first Egyptian company to win The Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute