Juhayna’s recruitment process requires an online application and an interview(s).

Online Application

The online application is an opportunity for interested parties to fill in and apply for the Job they believe corresponds best with their qualifications.

The Interview

If we find that your application complements the capabilities required for the role profile, our HR Team will contact you to arrange an appropriate time for the interviewing process to begin.

Candidates who reach this stage will go through a series of interviews, which may include online, face-to-face, or phone interviews. The first interview is typically with a human resources officer, followed by a functional interview; both of which will help us not only assess your qualifications & experience but also your motivations and compatibility with Juhayna’s corporate culture. Assessments will be based on a combination of behavior-based and situational interviews that will help us to get to know you better.

The Job Offer

Once an applicant has successfully completed the interviewing stages, we will extend them an offer to join our team. Additional information regarding the induction process is provided to all new hires to help ease their transition into the company.

Career Development

We seek employees who are looking to enrich their professional development and are ready to engage in a long-term, mutual relationship with the company.

Accordingly, we have created an environment where our people are given abundant opportunities to learn and expand their skill-sets and leadership qualities.

Talent Assessment & Succession Planning

Our succession planning process is tailored to identify and prepare our existing employees for leadership positions within Juhayna. It ensures that experienced and capable employees are promoted in a timely fashion; whereby we establish plans that include a list of forecasted potential successors for key positions.

Learning & Development

We provide a wide array of learning and development opportunities not only through on-the-job training, but also through a set of innovative learning techniques such as bite-sized learning, development centers, and succession planning tracks. The internal structure is designed to develop professionals and leaders at all levels of the organization, including specifically designed programs directed towards high potential employees.

Development is also extended to our top management, through carefully-chosen programs delivered by top-ranked universities such as Institute for Management Development, Center for Creative Leadership, Kellogg, and London Business School.

Career Development
Your Work Life

Your Work Life

We strive to maintain a diverse environment where everyone’s opinion is appreciated and taken into consideration.

The inclusion of multiple parties and the willingness to entertain new ideas are what help us maintain our competitive edge when it comes to product innovation. We value the unique perspectives of each of our team members and fully recognize that it is through their efforts that we enjoy the success we have today.

Our workforce consists of both males and females who are passionate about their personal growth as well as the company’s success and future ambitions. Accordingly, we have a number of initiatives in place to ensure the health & wellbeing of our people, as well as the provision of company products and flexible working hours whenever possible, as they are our greatest asset.

Juhayna’s health and safety protocols are designed to not only ensure product safety but also include meticulous safety hazard guidelines designed to prevent the occurrence of accidents amongst our employees.


One of our objectives as a leading company in food & beverages is to acquire a very strong, competitive rewards system that is both competitive & flexible, in order to be ahead of the market in such a dynamic sector.

It is integral to remain updated with the latest market trends; not only to attract external talent, but also to distinguish our existing high calibers. Performance is directly linked to the Reward & Recognition model, whereby we adopt a pay for performance strategy.



Since its establishment, Juhayna has nurtured a culture that values merit and talent.

We hire employees who are willing and wanting to test their limits and who are passionate about the growth of their individual careers alongside the company’s strategic goals. Accordingly, there exists a reciprocated responsibility between the company and the individuals who comprise our team. We invest in the development of our people by offering an array of learning opportunities such as training programs and in return, expect that each of them will perform to the best of their abilities so that we may collectively deliver the highest quality products.

In terms of individual progression, we have a thorough performance evaluation process in place that is used to help us identify employees who consistently perform with integrity and excellence, and accordingly is one of the tools to determine available potentiality.